[Herald Interview] Alex Olle’s realistic reimagination of opera ‘Norma’ keeps art form aliveSeoul shares dip 1 pct on Fed rate hike woes, won sharply slidesKia to expand EV lineup with mass market appealBOK wins lawsuit on face of Korea's 100 won coin野 “與 보선 참패 후 이재명 전광석화 기소…국민 심판받을 것”BOK wins lawsuit on face of Korea's 100 won coin[Herald Interview] Dyson engineer stresses potential of Korean hair care marketSeoul shares dip 1 pct on Fed rate hike woes, won sharply slidesElection watchdog faces calls to apologize after failing security test한 경기도 안 뛰고 병역 면제?…국감 오른 아시안게임 '병특' [Korea Beyond Korea] Buddhism scholar committed to expanding Korean studies at Yale National Museum of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty to open in Pyeongchang ‘험지 출마’ 압박받는 장제원, 4200명 운집 산악회로 세 과시 Yoon's approval rating falls for first time in 3 weeks to 34.7% 검사탄핵안 이어…야당, 이번엔 검사 좌표찍기 Jungkook's 'Golden' hits No. 2 on Billboard 200 with biggest 신당 추진 이준석 ‘천아용인’과 회동…김용태 “작전 이해 간다” Berliner Philharmoniker visits Seoul for first time in 6 years, joined by Cho Seong [From the Scene] 20 [Herald Interview] Kiss of Life continues to describe different aspects of freedom through music YG's new group Babymonster to debut on Nov. 27 [New on the Scene] Joo Jong Jungkook adopts guerilla tactics for 'Golden' promotion Stalking crimes could lead to up to 5 years in prison custody 사법공백 두달…대법원장 후보 조희대 지명 Kakao CEO apologizes for SM stock manipulation allegations 이동관 탄핵땐 방통위 1명 남아, 방송 재승인·재허가 올스톱 KDI slashes 2024 growth to 2.2% 야당, 노란봉투·방송3법 강행…여당, 필리버스터 예고 Samsung Electronics accounts for 84% of Q3 smartphone sales